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Spawn for linux

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It is part of an expect script: spawn opens a new process. expect waits for the previous spawned process to output the "expected" string. In your case spawn is most probably a command of expect scripting language which allows automation of interactive program operations. It listens on a port as specified in the Postfix file and spawns an external command whenever a connection is established.

The command's standard input, output and error streams are connected directly to the communication endpoint. The software refuses to execute commands. The Linux implementation of this interface may differ (consult the corresponding posix_spawn, posix_spawnp - spawn a process (ADVANCED REALTIME).

You're invoking the script badly. If you say: bash scriptname. then the #! line is ignored and bash takes the file as though it were bash. However, within your script, you have expect commands such as spawn and send.

Since the script is being read by bash and not by expect. #include spawn.h> int posix_spawn(pid_t *pid, const char *path, const posix_spawn_file_actions_t *file_actions, const posix_spawnattr_t *attrp, char * const. Spawn in computing refers to a function that loads and executes a new child process. The current process may wait for the child to terminate or may continue to. spawn(8postfix) man page in the manual for linux - Linux Expect command Examples and usage in Linux to automate under exepect program rather than bash.

spawn will start our interactive script.


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